TDVS 0012: After A Cancer Diagnosis, This Is The MOST IMPORTANT Thing You Should Do Next

Some of the highlights of this episode include:

  • How should you approach treatment following a diagnosis of cancer
  • What are the various forms of treatment of cancer
  • Can herbs be used as a cure for cancer
  • Is working possible after a cancer diagnosis
  • How can employees assist a cancer-stricken colleague
  • What can employers do for cancer patients
  • Is it possible to exercise if you have cancer
  • How can you tackle hair loss as a side effect of cancer treatment
  • Things to watch out for if you have cancer
  • Health news from across the world, including discovery of treatment for HIV
  • And many more…

TDVS 0011: KEY Take-Aways EVERY MAN & WOMAN Should Know About Cancer, & It’s Prevention


This episode is enriched with information such as:

  • How your environment exposes you to cancer
  • Risk factors and causes of cancer
  • Different types of carcinogens
  • How does cancer form in the body
  • Predominant cancer in different age groups of life, and how to prevent them when approaching that age
  • Second hand smoke and it’s link to ‘cancers’
  • Screening of breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer and other types of cancer
  • Vaccines for prevention of some cancers
  • Latest health news from across the world (Read full story through twitter links on the sidebar)