TDVS 0028 – Preventing COVID19… How Can I?

  • Types of face mask
  • Effectiveness of mask
  • Is Hand washing necessary?
  • Is a hand sanitizer better than Hand washing?
  • What is the right way to Social distance?
  • Covid19 Vaccines
    …And many more

TDVS 0027 – Can COVID19 be transmitted by Kissing? …Overview of Coronaviruses

  • Different strains of Coronavirus
  • Why the body may not be able to develop immunity to Coronaviruses
  • Is diarrheoa a symptom of COVID19?
  • Are you being tested with the right method for COVID19?
  • Can COVID19 be transmitted by Kissing?

TDVS 0026 – COVID19: A Reason To Be Worried?

  • How did it all start?
  • Is this the worst ever health challenge of mankind?
  • How does the coronavirus affect humans?
  • How can you contract COVID19?
  • Who are those more prone to it?

TDVS 0025: 5 Weight Loss Triggers & Amplifiers

Remember, weight loss and maintaining a diet involves dealing with triggers to stay aware and think before you eat, and amplifiers to help you over the line.