TDVS 0032 – Does Your Immunity Make You Safe From COVID19?

Find out:

  • How the body responds to COVID19 virus
  • Herd immunity and how to achieve it
  • The 6 groups of COVID19 symptoms
  • 5 reasons why you shouldn’t get infected with COVID19 ‘to get it over with’

TDVS 0031 – The COVID19 Gamble And Why We May Not Get A ‘Vaccine’

In this episode, discover:

  • What you have to do before a vaccine is ready
  • When a vaccine will be available
  • If your mask if keeping you safe or not

TDVS 0028 – Preventing COVID19… How Can I?

  • Types of face mask
  • Effectiveness of mask
  • Is Hand washing necessary?
  • Is a hand sanitizer better than Hand washing?
  • What is the right way to Social distance?
  • Covid19 Vaccines
    …And many more