TDVS 0018: How To Quit Smoking… And Avoid 10 Different Cancers

In this episode, find out:

  •  Health hazards of tobacco smoking
  •  10 different cancers associated with tobacco smoking
  •  Other health conditions arising from tobacco smoking
  •  How to effortlessly quit smoking
  •  Nicotine contents of Cigarette, Pipe, Shisha/Hookah
  •  Is e-smoking good for your health as an alternative to cigarette smoking
  •  What is Withdrawal Symptoms and How can you identify one
  •  How to avoid having Withdrawal Symptoms
  •  And many more…

TDVS 0017: Health Conditions To Watch Out For This Summer

A certain number of diseases are mostly prevalent during the summer days and night.

  • What are they?
  • Why should you look out for them?
  • What are there causes?
  • How can you avoid them?
  • How you can treat them…

All these and more to discover in this episode.

TDVS 0016: How Long Does It Take To Die From Alcoholism?

Things to discover in this episode include:

  • Dangerous effects of alcoholism – Medically, socially, and psychologically
  • Percentage of alcohol in each alcoholic drink
  • What alcohol dependence means
  • Severity/Levels of alcoholism
  • How many drinks a day makes you an alcoholic?
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Are you an alcoholic if you drink everyday?
  • How much can you drink before alcohol kills you?
  • Is alcoholism curable?
  • If so, how do you treat alcoholism?
  • How long are recovery programs for alcoholics?
  • Latest health news from all over the world

TDVS 0015 – These Foods,These Drugs, Sex, And Even Saliva -The Secret Causes Of Hepatitis

Discover in this episode:

– What is Hepatitis?
– Hepatitis gotten from certain foods?
– Hepatitis gotten from kissing?
– Other possible causes of Hepatitis
– Who is at risk for hepatitis?
– Which occupations are more prone to developing hepatitis?
– Health news
– And many more…

TDVS 0014 – Digital Health: How Important Is Your Phone To Your Health?

One of the smartest technology of the 21st century is ironically the smartphone. What active role can a smartphone play in your health in this digital age?

– Can your smartphone be a First Aid tool in case of an emergency? Find out in this short episode.

Mentioned in the episode:

My FitnessPal (For iPhone),  My FitnessPal (For Android)

Fooducate (For iPhone),   Fooducate (For Android)

HealthTap (For iPhone), HealthTap (For Android)

SleepCycle (For iPhone), SleepCycle (For Android)

HeadSpace (For iPhone), HeadSpace (For Android)

TDVS 0013 – Can You Prevent HIV Infection AFTER An Exposure? …Other Things To Know

Other things to come across include:

– What is HIV
– Different types of HIV and where they are prevalent
– What are the symptoms of each stage of HIV
– What are the causes and risk factors of HIV
– If HIV can be transmitted through saliva and sweat
– When to test for HIV
– How often you should test
– HIV myths and misconceptions
– Pre-exposure prevention of HIV
– Post exposure management of HIV
– HIV in a pregnant woman
– Trending health news worldwide
– And many more…

Health Tip Of The Winter – Protect Your Heart

‘Hypothermia means the body temperature has fallen below 35 degrees Celsius or about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It occurs when your body can’t produce enough energy to keep the internal body temperature warm enough. It can kill you.’ – American Heart Association

“Cold weather sometimes creates a perfect storm of risk factors for cardiovascular problems.

“A mismatch between supply and demand” says Dr. Randall Zusman, a cardiologist with Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

  • Cold weather can decrease the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your heart muscle.
  • Such a mismatch-a smaller supply of oxygen to the heart coupled with a greater demand for oxygen by the heart-sets you up for a heart attack.